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Machining Services in Red Deer & Throughout Western Canada

Serving industrial clients since 2000, we provide comprehensive machining services to Red Deer customers. With the ability to perform work both in-shop or on-site, it has never been easier to avoid downtime resulting from equipment issues. When your heavy-duty machinery needs work, simply call our team of experts and get the job done right the first time. Featuring a diverse set of services, whatever your project’s requirements, the Creative Machining team is ready to assist.

On Site Machining

Providing a broad range of on-site services, we help our customers keep their projects on schedule. We can reduce your downtime through the ability to come to your worksite when the projects are too large, time-consuming, or unrealistic to transport.

Portable Milling

On-site milling is extremely useful for all types of industrial projects including:

Machining flat surfaces

Drilling and boring pump bases

Motor mounts

Gear box alignment

Compressor faces

Heat exchangers

Worn out construction

Damaged production equipment

…and many other applications

Whenever it is impossible or impractical to bring the equipment to an in-shop milling machine, portable milling is an ideal solution. To find out if you can benefit from our services, contact us today!

CNC Machining

Our state of the art CNC equipment allows us to deliver on time, to your exact specifications, and within your budget. Glean the advantages of programmed operations, managed by a team of skilled operators; and, together, we can get your worksite back up and running.

Job Shop Machining

Whether we are working with a sole equipment part or the machine as a whole, our team is able to perform complete machinist services, including troubleshooting, repairs, and replacements. Trust our experienced technicians for quality advice on the most cost-effective way to proceed.

General Machining

Featuring a diverse set of standard machine shop practices, we perform countless services such as:

General lathe and mill work







…and more

All of our services are completed using a wide variety of materials ranging from steel to plastic, and including everything in between.

Standard & Customized Machining

Limit your worksite’s downtime with effective, on-site machining services.

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