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Specialty Welding Services in Red Deer & Throughout Western Canada

Featuring a wide range of general and specialty welding services, Red Deer businesses have come to rely on the high-quality work provided by Creative Machining Inc. Whether you are looking for a quick repair or are dealing with an in-depth construction project, our team is here to assist. By using cutting-edge methods and with experience dealing with all types of metals, no matter what your project needs, we can help.

Industry-Leading Processes

Through our team of skilled, journeymen welders, we complete work using the ideal balance of tried-and-true methods and innovative techniques. We understand that each project is unique; and, as such, requires the best-suited approach. We use a wide variety of processes to ensure that your work is handled using the best possible methods. Our processes feature:

Mig welding

Tig approach

Stick method

Spray welding




Diverse Materials

Performing welding services on a wide range of materials, no matter what equipment you need repaired, Creative Machining Inc. is here to assist. We have extensive experience working on all types of metals including:


Stainless steel

Cast iron




Mild steels

…and more

For all of your welding needs, our team is here to assist. Are you approaching a unique or challenging project? Speak to our experts to discuss the best solutions for the task at hand.


General & Specialty Welding

Handling projects of all sizes, no matter what the job, our journeymen welders are up to the task.

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