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Truck & Trailer Spindle Replacement Services in Red Deer

A critical part of your vehicle’s suspension system, when your spindle is not functioning, neither is your truck. To help businesses avoid downtime, we offer repairs and spindle replacement services to Red Deer and throughout Western Canada. Able to perform your work on-site, it has never been simpler to avoid costly downtime resulting from your equipment.

Repairs & Replacements

Offering clients the unique advantage of on-site work, we handle repairs in. With extensive experience working on the most common models, we complete standard projects in little as a day’s time. In cases of unusual equipment, our team takes only a few days to finish the job to the highest standard of excellence.

Quality Products

The spindles featured by Creative Machining Inc. are made in-house from billet material through a process which has stood the test of time. In most situations, the repaired product is stronger than the original, demonstrating higher tolerances than its original counterpart.


When you are dealing with a faulty spindle on your truck or trailer, don’t delay, we can have you back up and running in no time. Contact us today!

On-Site Spindle Repair

Quickly restore your truck/trailer and avoid costly downtime.

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